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Producer, audio engineer, musician.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I grew up listening to a lot of Latin dance music with heavy grooves and lots of swing. As a result, my music tends to have heavy bass, a tight percussion section, and a very real and personal sound. As they say, your tone starts at your fingers.

I have been playing piano and guitar since a young child, specializing in classical piano and jazz guitar, and have been wrapping cables in recording studios since I was 16, soaking up everything I could from the engineers.

Some of the most influential bands to me are: The Beatles, Radiohead, Tool, Gojira, Toto, BT, David Bowie, Rage Against the Machine, Andrew Bayer, and many more.


I work over at Primal Recording down in South Waterfront. Primal has an incredible live recording room, perfect for recording a live band, guitar, or even a singer and an acoustic. With access to a healthy variety of microphones, pre-amps, and compressors, we can work together to put together the sound you're looking for. See below for some of the services I offer at Primal.

$40/hr or $300 per 10hr Day - Bundle Discounts

Join me at Primal Recording Studio to record and mix your next single, EP, or album. We have a vast selection of microphones and lots of pre-amps and compressors to work with to make sure we capture the right attitude and characteristics of your sound. We are able to accommodate a full live band as well.

Service includes: Microphone, Analog Pre-amp, Analog Compression selection and suggestion, Work Mix, Final Mix up to 5 Revisions.

Mastering not included.

Primal Recording Live Room.jpg

$50/hr or $400 per 10 songs

With 10 years of experience in mastering, I can help your track shimmer and shine with a proper stereo image, tight low-end, and track reference for helping your music translate to almost any sound system.

Service includes: Mix suggestions prior to mastering, Stereo Imaging & Balance, Analog Compression, Out-of-the-Box Summing, DDP File for CD Duplication & Digital WAVs.

Primal Recording Mix Room.jpg

$60/hr - Bundle Discounts

My music production service covers every aspect of the music creation process. If you'd like me to take a more active role in helping you put your song or album together, I will be more than happy to lend my skills, techniques, and knowledge of music production to achieve your goal.

Service includes:  Arrangement, Composition, Performance [Piano, Guitar, Bass, Synth], Recording, and Mixing.

Mastering not included.

Primal Recording Live Room 2.jpg

$250 per Song

Looking for a fresh take on your song? Maybe something a little more club friendly? Or an acoustic version of an electronic song? I am an experienced remix artist that has worked with local and national artists including Die Robot and Monoverse.

Mastering not included.

See the music section below for examples.

Primal Guitar Amps & Pedals.jpg


Reach out to me with whatever questions you may have. Ask about bundled rates.

South Waterfront, Portland, OR


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